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Michael Ajagbe

Michael Ajagba - Life Coach and Consultant New Jersey USA

Michael is the Founder and CEO of LightHouse Life Strategists & Consultants. He is an avid public speaker, entrepreneur, and coach. He speaks at conferences and universities on racism and racial trauma. Michael leads workshops on Life Skills, Crisis Intervention, Conflict Resolution, and Trauma.  He is a social worker and has over 14 years extensive experience working with individuals through his teaching, advising, mentoring, and other supervising capacities. Also, he is a professor at Fordham University. He is dedicated to mentoring and empowering individuals from all walks of life.

Michael believes that change happens when people are guided to draw on their own strengths and realize their full potential to live fulfilling, happy lives.

My Approach

I believe we are trying to find ourselves at different points in our life. But at times, various things derail us, and we fall apart into broken pieces. Time to forge ahead in finding yourself and becoming whole again towards your goal. It is all about “Progress Not Perfection”.

The process of finding yourself and being a guide towards your goal is always fulfilling.

Apply yourself. 

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